UKPSC PCS Pre Examination Syllabus

UKPSC PCS Pre Examination Syllabus

Part -I : General Study

Unit – I

1) Indian History, Culture and National Movement : Pre-Historic Period, Mauryan Empire, Gupta Empire, Post-Gupta Period, Advent of Islam in India, Mughal Empire, Advent of Europeans, Indian National Congress, First World War & Indian National Movement & Government of India Act 1935.

2) History and Culture of Uttarakhand : Pre-historic Period, Proto-historic period, Ancient tribes of Uttarakhand, Kuninda and Yaudheya, Kartikepur dynasty, Kattyuri dynasty, Parmar dynasty of Garhwal, Chand dynasty of Kumaon, Gorkha Invasion and their rule in Uttarakhand, British Rule, Tehri Estate, Freedom Movement in Uttarakhand- First war of Independence (1857) and Uttarakhand, Role of Uttarakhand in India’s national movement & People’s movements of Uttarakhand.

Unit – II

1) Indian and World Geography : Geography of world, Important Branches, Earth and Solar System, Lithosphere, Latitudes, Longitudes, Time, Rotation, Revolution, Eclipses, Continents, Mountains, Plateaus, Planes, Hydrosphere, Lakes and Rocks, Atmospheric layers, Composition, Isolation & humidity.

2) Geography of India : Geographic Introduction, Relief and Structure, Climate, Drainage system, Vegetation, Plants, Insect, Livestock breeding, Irrigation, Power, Soils & Water Resources.

3) Geography of Uttarakhand : Geographical location, Relief and Structure, Climate, Drainage system, Vegetation, Wild life, Minerals, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Irrigation, Major Cities and Tourist Places & Populations.

Unit – III

1) Indian & World Polity : Indian Polity National & International, Constitution of India, Panchayti Raj, Public Policy, Issues Concerning Rights & Political System of Uttarakhand.

Unit – IV

1) General Science and Technology : Science and Technology in India, Current Affairs, Ecology and Environment, Physical Science/Awareness, Life Science & Scientific Glossary.

Unit – V

Current events of State, National and International Importance

Part – II : General Aptitude

Unit – I

1) Reasoning & Mental Ability : Aptitude, Logical & Analytical Ability, Decision, General Mental Ability, Numerical Identifications & Statistics Analysis.

Unit – II

1) General English & Hindi Language Proficiency : Vocabulary, Antonyms, Synonyms, One-word substitution, Phrases/phrasal verbs & Transformation of sentences

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