Syllabus of PPSC Assistant Director (Toxicology):


Definition, classification, mode of action and factors affecting the poisoning, form of poisons, types of poisoning, medico-legal aspects in poisoning, methods of administration, Diagnosis and management of poisoning cases. Collection and preservation of viscera in fatal and survival cases. Submission of samples to the laboratory, and postmortem examination report/findings study, specific analysis plan/ approach to toxicological examinations of poisoning samples, Classification of matrices

Forensic Toxicological Examination:

Concepts, significance, Law relating to poisoning cases, visceral samples for toxicological examinations. Methods of extraction: Classical and Modern methods, Isolation and clean up procedures using conventional as well as modern techniques such as solid phase micro extraction technique.

Analysis of Poisons:

Inorganic poisons (cations and anions), Neutral poison (organic non volatile), Method of analysis of Basic drugs / poisons, Method of analysis of Acidic drugs /poisons, Method of analysis of metallic poisons and volatile poisons, Method of quantization of some volatile poisons including alcoholic beverages in biological materials. Analysis of samples taken under Food Adulteration Act.

Miscellaneous poisons:

Insects and animal toxins and their examination. Plant poisons: Classification and characteristics, method of extraction and stripping of plant poisons in matrices and analysis by chemical and instrumental techniques. 

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