Detailed MPPSC State Forest Service Main Examination Syllabus

Title: Detailed MPPSC State Forest Service Main Examination Syllabus

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Name of Organisation Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission
Name of Posts State Forest Service Main Examination
Official Website
Recruitment Details Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission State Forest Service Main Examination
Type of Test Objective Type
Test Mode Online (Computer Based Test – CBT)


Detailed MPPSC State Forest Service Main Examination Exam Pattern

    Paper No.                        Subjects   No. of Questions     Max. Marks 
     Paper 1   General Study, General Knowledge of  MP, Elementary Mathematics, General Hindi & General English            100             200
     Paper 2       Science, Technology and
           100             200
                             Total Marks of Online Examination             400
                                               Interview              50
                                             Total Marks             450


Detailed MPPSC State Forest Service Main Examination Syllabus


1.General Science and Environment

Questions on general science and Environment xwill cover general appreciation and understanding of science including matters of every day observation and experience as may be expected of a well educated person who has not made a special study of any particular scientific discipline.

2.In current events knowledge of significant National and International leveling will be tested.

3.History of India and Independent India
In History, questions of general knowledge related to social, economic and political aspects will be asked. Also, there will be questions on Indian National Movement and Development of Independent India.

4.    (1) Geography of India

There will be questions of general knowledge relating to Physical, social and economic geography. It will also include questions on Indian Agriculture and Natural resources. There will be questions pertaining to demography and census of India.

(2) General Geographical awareness of world.

5.Indian Polity and Economy

Political system and constitution of the country, Panchayati Raj, social system, economic development, elections, political parties, plans, industrial development, foreign trade and economic and financial institutions.\

6. Sports

Important games and sports tournaments, Awards and personalities for M.P., India, Asia and World.

7. Geography, History and Culture of M.P.

There will be questions related to the development of Mountains, rivers, climate, Flora and Fauna, Minerals transportation in the Geography of Madhya Pradesh . It wiil aiso have questions relating to important dynasties of M.P., Contribution of important dynasties In the Histroy & Culture of Madhya Pradesh, There will be questions on Tribals, Arts, Architecture, Fine Arts and Historicai personalities of M.P.

8. Polity and Economy of M.P.

Political system. Political partities and elections, Pachyati Raj, Social system and economic development of M.P.. This will also include questions on Industry, Plans, Economic programmes, business, demography and census of M.P.

9.General Mental Ability

Numerical ability, reasoning, coding, data analysis and interpretation and analogy.

10. Information and Communication Technology

Questions pertaining to characteristics, uses, and terminologies such as website, online, search engine, e-mail, video mail, chatting, video conferencing, hacking, cracking, virus and cyber crime.

General introduction of Madhya Pradesh

1. Geography

General Introduction of Madhya Pradesh, area, topography and structure, physical and geographic areas and climate.

2. Natural Resources of Madhya Pradesh

  1. Mineral Wealth.
  2. Forest Wealth and Wild Life.
  3. Agriculture and Live stock. Regional distribution of crops, planned development of Agriculture, GreenRevolution, Development of Live stock.
  4. Water Resources – Development of Irrigation and Irrigation projects.

3. Human Resources

Population, Population Density, Urban and Rural population, Literacy and Labours.

4. Energy Resources

Questions will attempt to assess the general awareness of condidates about the conventional and non-conventional sources of energy and their uses in human life.

5. . Industries

Attempt will be made to assess the general awareness of candidates about the types and size of Industries and their impact on state economy.

6. Environment

Questions will be related to environment and its protection, pollution, natural climates and their impact on quality of human life.

7. Planning and Evaluation

Attempt will be to assess the general awareness of candidates about different aspect of five year plans till date various programmes of urban and rural development, economic planning and its evaluation and status of Madhya Pradesh in the context of Country.

8. Administrative Structure of Madhya Pradesh

Questions will be related to general knowledge of candidates about administrative units – Division, District Tehsil and Development-Blocks; their relationship and administrative structure.

9. Rural and Urban Administrative Structure

Questions will be pertaining to the general knowledge of candidate about organization, and administrative Structure of Pachayati Raj, Municipality and Municipal corporation.

10. Games and Sports

Attempt will be made to assess the awareness of candidates related to organization, management and facilities or different games and sports. The questions will also be related to different State awards, and personalities and contribution of Government and non Government agencies.

Culture, Literature, Music, Dance, Arts and History of Madhya Pradesh

1. Culture

The questions will be related to nature, types their salient features and impact on human life

2. Literature

1. Ancient – Kalidas, Bharthari, Bhavbhuti, Vanabhatta.
2. Medieval – Keshav, Padmakar, Bhushan.
3. Modern – Pandit Makhanial Chaturvedi, Subhadra Kumari Chauhan, Gajanan Madhav Muktibodh, Baikrishna Sharma “Navin”, Bhavani Prasad Mishra, Harishankar               Parsai, Sharad Joshi, Muiia Ramoozi, Shiv-Mangal Singh, Suman and Nanddulare Vajpai ,
4. Folk Literature / Dialects of Madhya Pradesh. Isuri. Singaji.

3. Music & Dance Tradition

  1. Music Tradition, – Tansen, Ostad Ailauddin Khan, Ustad Hafiz Ali Khan, Pandit Krishna Rao, Shankar Pandit, Rajabhaiya Poonchwale, Ustad Amir Khan, Kumar Gandharva, Maharaj Chakradhar Singh Pandit Kartik Ram.
  2. Dance tradition – Major styles of folk music, major folk dances.

4. Arts

Questions of general nature will be related to characteristics of Rock painting, folk panting, modern painting school and important painters, it will also have questions related to major folk and other theatres.

5. Major Scheduled Tribes

It will assess the general awareness of candidates related to names, characteristics, habitats, major fairs and festivals and cultural structure of major scheduled tribes, it;will also have questions related to different programmes of State Government for the upiiftment of Scheduled Tribes.

6. Programmes of State Government in the field of Culture

The questions will attempt to assess general knowledge of the candidate related to llterasy academics and institutions. The questions will also be related to different Music and Fine Arts Schools and Cultural festivals There will be questions awards given by the state for the significant contribution In , the filed of literature music and fine arts.

7. Archaeological Heritage

The questions of general knowledge will be related to significance and characteristics of major historical archaeological and tourist places.

8. Historical perspective of Madhya Pradesh

The questions will be related to creation of M.P. and Important dynasties and rules of M.P., It will also have Questions related to contribution of M.P. in freedom movement.

General English

The syllabus for the examination General English will be as follows-
The objective type question paper will carry maximum 40 marks each question of two marks.
PART 1- Applied grammar containing topics like parts of speech vocabulary, Active Passive, Direct and 
indirect speech, Transformation of sentence. (10 questions of 2              marks each)
PART 2- Sentence, completion questions (fill In the blanks) These will be of the nature of multiple choice questions. Five questions of 2 marks each.

PART 3- Questions on reading comprehension (5 questions of 2 marks each based on an unseen


Average profit and loss, simple and compound Interest, Area Time, work and Labour, Time and distance- Square Root. Percentage, Ratio and Proportion, use of log table, volumes of rectangular surface and solids


c of baking important emicai chemical soda reactions. Acids chemical reaction bleaching and Reversible and compounds bases. powder chemical pH and and scale – equilibrium properties in piaster eversibie [simple of and – Paris.) numerical Preliminary chemical uses. preparation Method reactions. questions. knowledge of of Reversible production building Exothermic of rate material-iime of reaction manufacture chemical and endothermic and cement reaction.

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