Manipur PSC Section Officer (IT) Syllabus

Paper – I

Unit 1: Digital Electronics

1. Introduction

Basic difference between analog and digital signal. Applications and advantages of analog & digital signals.

2.Number System

Binary and hexadecimal number system, Conversion from decimal and hexadecimal to binary and vice versa. Binary addition, subtraction, multiplication and division including binary points.

3.Logic Gates

Concept of negative and positive logic Definition, symbols and truth tables of NOT, AND, OR, NAND, EXOR Gates, NANDand NOR as universal gates.

4.Logic Simplification Postulates of Boolean algebra, DE Morgan Theorems, and Various identities. Formulation of truth table and Boolean equation for simple problem.

Unit 2: Networks and Network Security

1. Network Basics
2. Introduction to TCP/IP,Network Architecture and Network Connectivity
3. Network Security

Unit 3: Operating Systems

Unit 4: Programming and Object Oriented Programming

Paper- II

Unit 5: Database Management Systems

Unit 6: The Internet and E-commerce

Unit 7: Software Engineering

Unit 8: Maintenance and Facility Management

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