JKPSC Range Officer Prelims Syllabus Grade I Forest Exam Pattern

JKPSC Range Officer Prelims Syllabus Grade I Forest Exam Pattern

Subject NamesMarks
General Science30
Current Events of National and International importance30
Indian Polity15
Indian History15
Indian Economy10
Total Marks120

JKPSC Range Officer Prelims General Science Syllabus

  • Gravitation / Heat / Light / Matter / Acids / Salts / Elements / Cells.
  • Various sources of energy; conventional sources of energy; improvement in technology for using the conventional source of energy(Biomass and wind energy)
  • Non-conventional sources of energy (Solar energy, Energy from the sea).
  • Physical properties of metals and non-metals.
  • Chemical properties of metals like the action of water, air, acids, salts; Reactivity series of metals.
  • The occurrence of metals; their extraction, enrichment of ores. Extraction of metals in accordance with activity series; refining of metals.
  • Life processes: Nutrition and its types, Respiration, Transportation of water, food and minerals in plants, Excretion with reference to plants and animals.
  • Environmental pollution.
  • Ecosystem – Its components, Food chains, and Food Webs.
  • Ozone layer, its depletion, Green House Effect.
  • Mendal’s contribution and experiments on pea plant.
  • Types of reproduction in Plants and Animals.
  • Classification of Plants and Animals.

JKPSC Range Officer Prelims Geography Syllabus

  • Change of Seasons/ Planets/ Solar System/ Longitude – Latitude. Types of forests (with special reference to J&K State)
  • Conservation and protection of forests.
  • National / Zoological Parks and wildlife sanctuaries (Reference of J&K
    Sanctuaries and National Parks).
  • Water resources.
  • Sources of Water (with special reference of J&K State), Uses of Water Resources.
  • Conservation and management of water resources.
  • Rainwater Harvesting.
  • Transport.
  • Roads (Different routes of J&K State)

JKPSC Range Officer Prelims Indian Polity Syllabus

  • Country’s Political System.
  • Panchayati Raj.

JKPSC Range Officer Prelims Indian History Syllabus

  • Events from 1857 to 1947.

JKPSC Range Officer Prelims Indian Economy Syllabus

  • Community Development.
  • Planning in India.

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