GPSC Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Syllabus

Syllabus for the preliminary test for the recruitment on the post of ENT(Specialist Service), Class I in Health and Medical Services

  1. Basic concepts
    Anatomy and Physiology of ear, nose and throat, trachea and
    The generation and reception of speech
    Radiographic anatomy of the ear, nose, throat and imaging.
    Bacteriology in relation to Otorhinolaryngology
    Allergy and rhinitis
    Haematology in relation to Otolaryngology
    Anaesthesia for Otolaryngology
    Pharmacology of drugs used in ENT
    Electrolyte, fluid balance/shock conditions
    Routine blood, urine testing
    Preparation of slides
    Facial nerve stimulation test
    Audiometric tests like pure tone Audiometry, Impedance Audiometry,
    Free field Audiometry, Specialized tests of hearing including SISI,
    Tone decay, ABLB, Speech discrimination score etc.
    Vestibular tests like caloric testing (Water and Air) stopping test,
    Fukuda’s test, Evoked response audiometry.
  2. Ear:
    The physical and functional examination of the ear
    The functional and physical examination of the vestibular system.
    Affections of external ear
    of deformities of the external ear.
    Congenital conditions of the middle ear cleft
    Traumatic conductive deafness
    Acute inflammation of the middleear cleft
    Non-suppurative otitis media
    Chronic suppurative otitis media
    Repair Management of chronic suppurative otitis media
    Complications of infections of middle ear.
    Tumors of the middle ear cleft and temporal bone
    Diseases of the otic capsule-otosclerosis
    Diseases of the otic capsule-other diseases
    The deaf child
    Acoustic neuroma
    Diagnosis and management of sudden and fluctuant sensorineural
    hearing loss.
    Meniere’s disease
    Neurologic aspects of vertigo
    Facial paralysis
    Rehabilitation of adults with acquired Hearing loss-Hearing aids
    The cochlear Implants
    Otoacoustic emissions
    Traumatic lesions of the inner ear
    Inflammatory lesions of the vestibular and auditory nerve
    Vascular lesions of the inner ear
    Skull base/Neurologic surgery
  3. Nose:
  4. Throat:
  5. Miscellaneous and head and neck:
  6. Drugs used in ENT:
  7. General:
  8. Current Trends and Recent Advancements in ENT.

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