DCRUST Syllabus Semester Wise Exam Syllabus

DCRUST Syllabus 

Students who are going to appear DCRUST Examination can get their DCRUST Syllabus from this page. We are providing the syllabus containing all units and topics according to your programmes. Students who want to start preparation can do it with the help of the info given on this page.

DCRUST Syllabus 

Syllabus For M. Tech. Electrical Engineering (Power Systems) Semester-I

Electrical Power Quality

UNIT- IIntroduction to Electrical Power QualityVoltage Sags and Interruptions
UNIT- IITransient Over voltagesHarmonics
UNIT- IIIWiring and GroundingPower Quality Monitoring and Evaluation
UNIT- IVPower Quality ConditionersDistributed Generation and Power Quality

Advanced Computer Power System Analysis

Unit- IIntroduction
Unit-IINetwork Analysis In Power Systems
Unit-IIILoad Flow Studies
Unit- IVSymmetrical And Unsymmetrical Fault Analysis

General Aspects Of Energy Management And Energy Efficiency

Unit- IEnergy Scenario & Environmental Concerns
Unit-IIFinancial & Project Management
Unit-IIIEnergy Efficiency in Electrical Utilities
Unit- IVEnergy Efficiency in Thermal Utilities


Unit- IIntroduction
Unit-IISeries Compensation
Unit-IIIShunt Compensation

Syllabus for B. Tech Semester- I

Communicative English

Unit- ICommunicative Grammar
Unit-IILanguage through Literature
Unit-IIIGroup Communication
Unit- IVCommunicative Creativity


Unit- IInfinite series
Unit-IIPartial Differential & its Applications
Unit-IIIApplications of Single & Multiple Integration
Unit- IVVector Calculus

Engineering Physics

Unit- IPhysical Optics
Unit-IILaser & Fiber Optics
Unit-IIITransmission of Heat and Radiation
Unit- IVNuclear & Elementary Idea of Particle Physics

Manufacturing Processes

Unit- IIntroduction
Unit-IIEngineering Materials
Unit-IIICold Working (Sheet Metal Work)
Unit- IVWelding

Engineering Chemistry

Unit- IThermodynamicsPhase-rule
Unit-IIWater and its treatmentCorrosion and its prevention
Unit-IIIPolymers and PolymerizationComposite Materials & their application
Unit- IVLubricants d fuels

Principles OF Electrical Engineering

Unit- ID.C circuit Analysis
Unit-IIA.C circuits
Unit-IIIThree Phase Circuits:
Unit- IVTransformersRotating Machines:

Introduction to Computers and Programming

Unit- IAn introduction of Computer System
Unit-IIProgram in Languages and algorithmsComputer Networks
Unit-IIIBasic of ‘C’ Language
Unit- IVAdvance Features of ‘C’ Language

Engineering Graphics and Drawing

Unit- IBasic Of Engineering Graphics And Drawing
Unit-IIProjections Of Straight Lines
Unit-IIIProjections Of PlanesProjections Of Polyhedral Solids An Solids Of Revolution
Unit- IVIsometric Projections

Elements of Mechanical Engineering

Unit- IThermodynamics
Properties of Steam & BoilersSteam
Turbines and Condensers
Unit-III.C Engines and Gas Turbines
Refrigeration and air conditioning
Unit-IIIWater Turbines ad Pumps
Simple Lifting Machines
Unit- IVIntroduction to Power transmission and Devices
Stress and Strains

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