Assam PSC Sr Instructor Electronics &Tele Communication Engg Syllabus

Assam PSC Sr Instructor Electronics &Tele Communication Engg Syllabus

• Basic Electrical Engineering: DC networks, Single phase AC circuits, Magnetic circuits, Three-phase AC circuits

• Network Theory: Overview of Network Theorems, Two Port Networks and Network Functions, Resonance and Coupled Circuits, Laplace Transform for Network Analysis, Network Synthesis, Network Topology, Passive Filter

• Electronic Circuits: Amplifiers Design and Analysis – Single Stage and multi stage, Feed Back Amplifier, Oscillators.

• Electronic Devices: Energy Bands and Charge Carriers in Semiconductors, PN Junction Diode, Bipolar Junction Transistor, Field Effect Transistor.

• Analog System Design: Fundamentals of Operational Amplifier, Linear Op-amp Circuit, Non-linear Circuit Applications, Signal Generators, Limitations of Practical Op-amps, Voltage Reference, Voltage Regulators, D/A and A/D converters, Active Filters.

• Digital Electronic Circuits: Basics of Digital Electronic Circuits, Logic gates, Boolean Algebra, Combinational logic circuits, Sequential logic circuits, Logic Families

• Digital System Design: Basics of VHDL, HDL Modeling of Combinational Logics, HDL Modeling of Sequential-Circuit Building Blocks, Memory and Programmable logic.

• Signals and Systems: Basic of Signals and Systems, LTI Systems, Fourier Analysis – continuous time and discrete time, Sampling and Reconstruction, Laplace Transform.

• Analog Communication: Amplitude Modulation, Angle Modulation, Radio Receivers, Noise, Pulse Modulation.

• Digital Communication : Information Theory, Pulse Modulation, Signal Space Analysis.

• Wireless Communication: Basics of Wireless Communication, Cellular Concept.

• Antenna and Wave Propagation: Electromagnetic Theory, Basic Concepts of Antenna, Antenna Arrays, Practical Antennas, Matching Network, Wave Propagation

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