1. Fundamental of Chemical Engg: Conversion of units, Numerical calculation and estimation, statistical analysis of data, fitting of non-linear data, Analysis of the Degrees of Freedom in Steady-State Processes, Dimensionless analysis, Ideal and real gases, equation of states, humidification and dehumidification operations, psychometric char

2. Process Calculation: Basic material balance Principles, material balance with and without Chemical reaction. Bypass, recycle, purging, Energy balance that accounts for chemical reactions, effect of temperature on standard Heat of reaction, Temperature of reaction.

3. Fluid Flow Operation: Compressible and incompressible fluid, Numerical problems related to pressure measurement by manometer, Velocity field, laminar flow, velocity gradient and rate of shear, Turbulant flow, Reynold’s experiment, Flow in boundary layer, Bernoulli’s equation & its application to pumps, blowers, turbines, Laminar flow of Newtonian fluid, Hagen- poisseuille equation, Laminar flow of nonNewtonian fluids, velocity distribution for turbulent flow

4. Energy Engg: Basic concepts of solid fuel, liquid fuel and gaseous fuel, Alternative energy resources, Combustion Calculations.  

5. Chemical Reaction Engg: Kinetics of Homogeneous Reactions, Interpretation of batch reactor data, Introduction to reactor design, Ideal reactors for a single reaction, Design for single reactions, Introduction to Multiple Reactions, Temperature and Pressure effects, Optimum Operation of Reactors, Temperature, Catalysis and Catalytic Reactors, Residence Time Distribution (RTD) for Chemical Reactors and Models for Non Ideal Reactors.

6. Mechanical Operations: Size Reduction of Solids, Motion Of Particles in a Fluid, Sedimentation, Fluidisation, Filtration, Mixing and Agitation

7. Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics: First law of thermodynamics, Second law of thermodynamics, Thermodynamics Properties of fluids,

8. Process Instrumentation: Response of 1st order and 2nd order instruments, Level measuring devices, Flow measuring devices, Measurement of displacement, measurement of density, Temperature measuring devices

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