• Financial Accounting: 

Introduction to Financial Accounting, Accounting terms, Accounting, Voucher Approach in Accounting, Bank Reconciliation Statement, Financial Statements, Partnership Accounts, Accounting for Share Capital. Conceptual Framework of Accounting, Accounting Standards in India, Introduction of IFRS, Issue, Forfeiture and Redemption of Shares & Debentures, Buy back of Shares, Preparation & Presentation of Final Accounts of Companies as per Schedule III of Companies Act 2013. Internal Reconstruction and Amalgamation. Preparation of Consolidated Financial Statements of Holding Companies. Value Added Statement, Environmental Accounting, Social Accounting, Human Resource Accounting

• Cost Accounting:

Concept of Cost & Cost Control, Cost Accounting Methods, Marginal Costing and Break-Even Analysis, Decision based on Marginal Costing, Budgetary Control and Preparation of Various type of Budgets, Standard Costing and Ascertainment of Material, Labour and Overhead Variances. Activity Based Costing – its application and limitations

• Management Accounting:

Objectives and Scope of Management Accounting, Ratio Analysis and Preparation of Funds Flow Statement and Cash Flow Statement. Capital Structure Theories and Decisions, Cost of Capital, Working Capital Management, Capital Budgeting Decisions, Dividend Decisions. 

• Taxation:

Income Tax Law and Rules with reference to assessment of Individuals, HUF, Firm, AOP and Companies. Assessment Procedure and types of Assessment, Advance payment of tax, Tax deduction at source, Refund of tax; Concept of Tax Planning, Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion. Indirect Tax – Knowledge of Central Excise Duty, Customs Duty, Central Sales Tax, R-VAT, Service Tax. 

• Auditing:

Meaning, Objectives and Types of Audit. Internal Control, Vouching and Verification of Assets and Liabilities. Assurance Standards, Audit Programme, Working Papers, Documentation, Audit Reports. Audit of Companies, Appointment, Removal, Rights, Duties and Liabilities of Auditor. Audit of Banks and Insurance Companies. Management Audit, Cost Audit, EDP Audit, Environmental Audit, Social Audit. Audit of Accounting Information System (AIS). 

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